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Planning your career after 10+2

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  • 19 March 2022
  • BON Consulting

Studying abroad is expensive and it can feel impossible to save money when there is tuitions, rent ,textbooks, meals, transport , study supplies to pay for . Here are some quick and effective tips to save money as international student :

1. Set up a budget Start by tracking your finances , identify where your money goes and yourself if its worth it ? By taking the time to track your finances you start making smarter choices . Categorise rent , tuition, groceries , transport cost simultaneously and cut off overspending on entertainment and eating out . Consciously checking your statement online to cease unwanted cash flow is also effective . There are online tools and apps like budget planner which allows you to prioritise your money and make the most of it .

1. Meal plan If you live off campus , Meal plan is a must for you as eating out daily is quiet expensive and equally bad for your health . One of the best way to save money is planning out your meals and snacks for the week . Meal preps are really a thing in western countries people plan and prepare four meals a day a week prior by balancing out calories ; it is equally healthy and cost effective . Pack your lunch from home and save spending out on café on campus